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Benefits of Sleep and Meditation

According to Natural Health Magazine, there are two very important factors that affect the way we live each day. We all know the week days are busy and sometimes we can’t find that means of de-stressing. “There aren’t enough hours in a day.” “I need to finish this ten hour project before I can sleep or take a break.” Results show that lack of sleep or lack of de-stresser in our lives can be more harmful to our bodies that we would expect. “In my health coaching practice I often talk to clients about the four quadrants of health: nourishment, cleansing (or detoxing), activity and rest. All four need to be in balance for us to maintain optimal health,” says Deborah Donenfeld in her article, “The Undervalued Benefits of Sleep.” Donenfeld stresses the importance of taking the time out of your day for a how bath or a few minutes of meditation. “We feel the constant pull to be “productive” or to “make the best use” of our time. The challenge is to change our mindset so that rest is valued as much as our active time,” she says.

In another recent article entitled “Calm Down,” by Laurel Vukovic, we are presented with 4 types of meditation that may help to de-stress from your daily lives. “Since I’ve made meditation part of my daily life, I’m less likely to overreact to everyday stress, my heart doesn’t race, and I’m happier. Health psychologist Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., of Boulder, Colo., the author of Inner Peace for Busy People (Hay House), confirms my experience. “Meditation introduces you to a part of yourself that is more peaceful,” she says.

It is important to find a method of meditation that you can practice consistentely, allowing for your body and mind to catch up and as Laurel states, “Calm Down.” In her article she focuses on 4 types of meditation; breathing, walking, praying, and sitting meditation, all of which I highly suggest taking a look at. “Practice this meditation daily for five minutes or longer to grow accustomed to calling up those feelings of well-being. Then, anytime you notice that you feel stressed or distracted, take a deep breath and recall the peaceful feelings,” says Vukovic. Needless to say, it’s so important to take the time out of our busy lives to tend to out mental health and balance.


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